Meet PaceMate™, the digital healthcare company taking [remote]
control of the future. With our one-of-a-kind Software+Service solution, PaceMate™LIVE, you’ll never miss a beat.

What is PaceMate™LIVE?

The world’s only cloud-based Software+Service solution that receives, displays, and automates real-time data from any device, identifying at-risk patients for immediate review by trained specialists who are available to be on call 24/7/365.

How does it work?

PaceMate™LIVE uploads real-time, device-generated data from all major device manufacturers to our cloud for immediate review and reporting of warning conditions and full EHR integration.

Why does it matter?

Live patient-data streams are the future of healthcare. The biggest shift in digital health over the coming years will be to remote monitoring.*

* Survey of 120 senior executives of the top US-based life sciences companies by White Chase LLP

A complete, fully automated, vendor-neutral* software and expert-service solution, filtering data into clinically actionable information and providing customized alert triage, as well as automated coding and claim prep.

*Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Abbott/St.Jude, and Biotronik


Platform and vendor-neutral:

PaceMate™LIVE works with all devices and data platforms to deliver clinically actionable information anytime, anywhere.


Expert support and implementation:

Every remote transmission is reviewed by trained experts in real time and available to clinicians anywhere the internet is, allowing you to take back control of your device clinic.


Customized communication:

Notifications are defined by you, based on your practice criteria. Automated patient communication keeps everyone in the loop.


Workflow and reimbursement friendly:

Add remote-monitoring compliance while optimizing your current workflows. PaceMate™LIVE automates coding and claims prep seamlessly.

Getting started is simple.

  1. The PaceMate™ team filters and triages relevant data.
  2. Doctors interpret the data and treat the patient.
  3. The result: reduced liability, improved billing workflow, and healthier patients.
Kevin Campbell Photo

Dr. Kevin Campbell, MD, FACC
PaceMate™ CEO

Dr. Kevin Campbell, MD, FACC is an internationally recognized cardiologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders. Dr. Campbell had the opportunity to train with some of the finest cardiologists in the world and completed fellowships in both Cardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology at Duke University.

PaceMate™ was founded in 2015 by cardiac rhythm management industry professionals who experienced firsthand the overwhelming amount of device data inundating clinicians on a daily basis. The PaceMate™ team saw a need to develop innovative technology to streamline the device clinic, improve workflow, reduce medical errors, and take better care of patients.

PaceMate™ is a team of IBHRE-certified device experts, registered nurses, electrophysiologists, and senior level software engineers. Our company culture is driven by visionary, forward-thinking, compassionate leadership.

Let us partner with you to organize your device clinic so you can get back to the heart of the matter—your patient.

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