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Compassion-Driven Care

We are a cloud-based, vendor-neutral software, filtering cardiac data in real time into clinically actionable information. Our software provides customized alerts, EMR documentation, and automated billing codes. All cataloged data, including demographics, medication, patient input, and outcomes, enters biocynetic™’s unique platform, BioEHR™, generating evidence that is improving the lives of patients today.

Every 1000
Patients Monitored

50 Lives Saved

$3M Saved on
Healthcare Costs

The PaceMate™LIVE Interface

The PaceMate™ Advantage

*Actual results from a 700-device clinic

Before PaceMate™

After PaceMate™

Before and after PaceMate™

RNs logged in to each vendor site separately to view transmissions
RNs and MDs log in to one site and work from one dashboard
Cumbersome transmission process involved assessment by both RNs and MDs, and individual scans into EHR
Transmissions sync to EHR with e-signature
50% of remote monitoring patients had not transmitted in 12 months
98% of remote monitoring patients have transmitted in the last 12 months
20% of patients had disconnected monitors
3% of patients have disconnected monitors
Hospital experienced a high non-compliance rate for patients with frequent unscheduled manual transmissions
Patients are more compliant due to frequent communication from the PaceMate™ clinical team
RNs worked weekends and holidays, always 2-3 days behind on assessment
RNs can enjoy weekends and holidays, knowing that patients are monitored 365 days/year
Staff spent countless hours on the phone, educating patients on remote monitoring
Patient inquiries and education are handled by PaceMate™, allowing RNs to spend more time on clinically relevant activities


The PaceMate™ team is growing rapidly as we expand nationally. We are in search of highly trained, dedicated, and motivated individuals who are looking for a dynamic career. If you’re looking to work with a compassion-driven digital healthcare brand leading the way with cardiac remote monitoring software and solutions, you’re at the right place. Explore our job openings today.

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Does PaceMate™ store all client history?
PaceMate™ will archive all incoming transmission data for our clients as well as import historical data from legacy systems.
How is new patient data uploaded?
There is no manual data entry for new patients. We receive transmissions with all patient information directly from the manufacturer. New patients are added automatically with their first remote or in-person interrogation.
Is our patient’s data secure?
The PaceMate™ systems are regularly audited by third parties to ensure that the highest security levels are maintained and the latest standards are met.
What are the PaceMate™ purchase options?
We offer software only as well as full-service and hybrid options.